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Our Expertise, and our Mission


Water Intelligence International provides municipal leakage surveys across the world, with teams frequently operating in the UK, Ireland, Continental Europe, USA and Australia.


Using state of the art equipment and innovative techniques, Water Intelligence International has provided a professional and reliable service to water companies, local governments, local authorities and the military.

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Acoustic Sewer Surveys

Water Intelligence International provides acoustic sewer surveys world wide. From the largest planned maintenance program of work in Europe, to municipal operations in the USA and Australia, WII is believed to be the most extensive operator of acoustic sewer survey equipment in the world. Using proprietary state of the art survey tools and specialist teams, Water Intelligence International can deliver rapid sewer serviceability assessments in difficult to reach areas as no heavy plant is required. This highly mobile approach is used to identify problematic areas of a network, and isolate them from the serviceable areas: this allows for an overall reduction in the need for expensive CCTV and cleaning, or provisions for servicing of a greater area of a network for the same budget.

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Asset Surveys

Water Intelligence International provides high resolution surveying of commercial assets for large scale organisations. The scope of these surveys are tailored to the client's requirements and often include assessment of buildings, plant, people, space optimisation, potential for commercialisation of unused space, physical security assessment and improvement advice, renewable energy services, environmental assessments and advice, water optimisation, sourcing and provision of further necessary work.

Pipes and Pressure
Sewer Flood Monitoring

Water Intelligence International provides a specialists service in sewer flood prevention and monitoring, using a range of remote sensing equipment and rapid response.

This service has been deployed to protect critical infrastructure, heritage sites and Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) from the dangers of surcharging sewer systems.

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