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Patrick J. DeSouza, Executive Chairman            

Dr. DeSouza has been Executive Chairman of Water Intelligence since 2010 when he led the Group’s initiation on AIM.  He is responsible the strategy, capitalization and performance of the Group.  Dr. DeSouza has over 25 years of operating and advisory leadership experience with both public and private companies in the infrastructure, technology and asset management industries.  Over the course of his career, Patrick has significant experience in corporate finance and cross-border mergers and acquisitions.  Dr. DeSouza has leadership experience in public policy having served at the White House as a Director on the National Security Council.  He is a graduate of Columbia College, the Yale Law School and Stanford Graduate School. He is the author of Economic Strategy and National Security (2000) and has been a visiting lecturer at Yale Law School.

Steve Gayler, Managing Director Water Intelligence International Worldwide

Steve is the managing director of Water Intelligence International and is responsible for its strategy and execution worldwide.  He resides in the UK and has leadership teams in place in the US, Australia and Canada as well as operational teams in Europe.  Steve has also led the growth of the Water Intelligence International solutions platform through the acquisition of leading-edge technologies such as Pulse for sewer diagnostics and the acquisition of operating businesses such as Wat-er Save.

Steve has over 30 years of operating experience with respect to water leakage and potable water networks including as a senior manager at one of the UK’s largest water utilities.  Over the course of his career, he has delivered on contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds.  He is widely recognized in the industry for his expertise.

Jimmy Carter, United States, Vice President Operations; Director for Field Services

Jimmy Carter is the senior operations director for Water Intelligence International in the US and reports to Steve Gayler directly.  Jimmy has over 25 years experience in the leak detection and plumbing fields and is also the head of technician training for American Leak Detection – the Group’s core business unit.  Over the course of his career, Jimmy has developed significant relationships with water authorities across the United States.  He has served as an advisor to the California Rural Water Association.  He also provides workshops across the United States on minimally-invasive water leak detection.   Jimmy has a C-36 plumbing license and is certified in Infrared Thermography, PADI open-water diving and Leak Correlation and Airborne Ultrasonics.

Vincent Clench UK, Vice President, Innovation

The Water Intelligence Group’s brand worldwide is defined through its use of proprietary and third-party technologies to provide minimally-invasive solutions for municipal and residential customers.   Vincent leads Water Intelligence International’s Innovations team launching new product offerings to the market such as the Group’s proprietary sewer diagnostic product – Pulse.   He also leads the testing of third-party solutions seeking to partner with the Group given the Group’s broad distribution to customers in the US, Canada and Australia.  Vincent has a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in microbiology and biochemistry and a Masters degree in environmental science.

Chris Medcalf, Australia, Vice President Operations

Chris is the senior operations director for Water Intelligence International in Australia and reports to Steve Gayler directly.  Chris is responsible for corporate operations in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.  He also works with the Group’s franchise business units in Australia.  Chris has been responsible for the negotiation and management of significant municipal contracts including Sydney Water and Hunter Water.  Over the course of his more than 20 year career, Chris has had senior leadership roles within the UK water industry including at Hydrosave, MWH and Thames Water.

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